Trying out Intermittent Fasting

I have never willingly fasted. Once a year I was made to fast for a Hindu festival and I used to dread it coming up and would then over-eat for days in the relief that I could. Once I was in charge I knew I would never force myself to fast- it was too traumatic. … Continue reading Trying out Intermittent Fasting

Sitting down to write a short story.

I am confined to my room for the morning (the house is being used as a film-set) giving me an ideal chunk of time to capture a story that's been brewing. First move- just signed up again, for 'Start Writing Fiction' on FutureLearn to get me thinking like a writer. No. I am a writer, … Continue reading Sitting down to write a short story.

Meeting Nicole Taylor, British Screenwriter, at the BBC

I had received the email invite some weeks ago, skim-read the contents and thought I'd return to consider it once I knew what the weather would be like in the week before Christmas. I then forgot all about it and it was only when a reminder that popped up on the day that I scrabbled … Continue reading Meeting Nicole Taylor, British Screenwriter, at the BBC

Start Writing Fiction Course is Starting Today- Do check it out for yourself!

So excited as the Future Learn Start Writing Fiction commences on line today and it is free. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies themselves as a writer or just wants to improve their writing skills. Although it is aimed at fiction writing skills, I think it adds a lot to any sort of … Continue reading Start Writing Fiction Course is Starting Today- Do check it out for yourself!

Retrospective: Why Write a Film Treatment?

I finished writing my first proper script treatment last night and pressed send. I emailed myself a copy too so that I have an exact record of what I have sent.  With excitement I opened the email to myself and read the first line. A massive typo. It is always the way. No matter how … Continue reading Retrospective: Why Write a Film Treatment?

What Exactly Is Drabble?

Really interesting reading for fiction writers…


By The Drabble

Poem? Story? Brain vomit? Snapshot? A representation of a thought, idea, feeling or emotion? An entry point for thought or feeling? Drabble can be all those things. Drabble is a form, not a formula. Just as a haiku or sonnet has rules, so too does drabble. Words – 100 or fewer. Drabble is a form requiring concision.

You may wonder if it’s even possible to write a good story in fewer than 100 words. We say yes, although it’s certainly not easy. Most modern narrative art adheres in some way to Shakespeare’s three-act structure (i.e., conflict, rising action/crisis, resolution), whilst presenting a clear theme. Must all these elements be present to tell a good story? Grant Faulkner, co-founder of 100 Word Story, thinks so. In his essay, “Writing with Gaps,” Faulkner says,

“I think the best 100-word stories move with the escalation any story has. They…

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