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I am always bumbling about trying to de-clutter. My family are fed up of my constant and futile attempts at de-cluttering that ruin their week ends. We always seem to be acquiring things but somehow don’t seem to get rid of things at the same pace.

I hadn’t had much success until a few weeks ago when I read a Sunday Times article by Marie Kwando. She is a Japanese expert in organisation and reading about her insights gave me some hope.

The points that made an impact on me, as I understood them and just from memory, were:

-it is important to de-clutter because a clear space frees the mind for greater things.

-start by getting rid of unwanted clothes (and don’t attempt de-cluttering on a room by room basis – a common mistake.)

-then move on to papers, books and nick-knacks

-only keep the things you love and those that bring  joy to your life; all the rest you can thank and send on their way to a better home, by way of a charity shop etc.

I have been bumbling around today but at least I have moved onto the books phase and my mind really does feel clearer.



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