A walk by the river


I was lucky and managed to fit in a walk by the Thames, in Berkshire, today. I captured some riverside shots and contrasting textures were everywhere. I particularly liked the heavy metalwork, all painted in exquisite cornflower blue. One could almost feel the domed rivets which were well out of reach.

The mini-rhubarb crumble pudding with filter coffee rounded off the afternoon nicely.

Weekly Photo Prompt

Post Script:

I have had a query about what the top picture shows. This disused pipe lay nearby on a bank next to the bridge (in my subsequent picture) I suspect the pipe was probably propped up by the rusty support in the top picture. Please let me know if anyone knows better. Thanks

3 thoughts on “A walk by the river

    1. Thank you for the question-it made me think! I suspect it is probably a support for a large pipe. I have added a picture to the blog of a discarded pipe segment that lay a short distance away. I hope someone from the area may be able to give a fuller answer, in due course.


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