Elemental Art, Erosion and Recycling

On the Shores of Lake Tahoe
Roadside on Route 66
Clarion Alley

via Photo Challenge: Elemental

Elemental is a profound word that conjures up so many images. I found this set of my photographs taken on a road trip  in 2010, around the west coast of America.

The stone sculpture was sitting amongst fragments of rock weathered by the elements over millennia.

The roadside shot was taken during a leg-stretch and break for pink lemonade from jam jars, after miles of driving through arid land on Route 66. The enormous blue sky was a back-drop to the jostling, disparate objects collected on the garage forecourt like an open air display at the Tate Modern. On closer inspection, the collection of old motor bikes, rusting odds and ends, the crumbling wood of the rail road sign all showing signs of slowly but surely eroding back to their elemental constituents.

On Clarion Alley, Street Art rubbed shoulders with the chore of recycling the elements.



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