Hold on to your viscera!

via Daily Prompt: Visceral

Visceral seems to be the word of the moment. It is freely used to describe any experience, for example a good film or a piece of music, that had an impact and the speaker often puts a fist to their solar plexus for emphasis.

I had a truly visceral experience at one of the comedy clubs in London recently, The Comedy Store. The show is a raucous form of entertainment for the over-18s and not for the faint-hearted or sqeamish. The artistes are butt-clenchingly crude, politically incorrect and really quite personal if you dare to sit on the front row. They are also side-splitting, so do hold onto your stomach and be prepared to maintain continence through activating your pelvic floor.



2 thoughts on “Hold on to your viscera!

    1. It is annoying when really good, hearty words get taken into common usage like this and the original meaning becomes diluted. I notice today’s word is ‘homage’ and I have been hearing it increase in usage relating to clothes and fashion eg I am wearing this as an homage to so and so…’. Anyway, I like the sound of your drinking game! 😀


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