Old Delhi Flats and Cables: Structure

Chandni Chowk
Old Delhi Flats overlooking the busy bazaar
Flats over shops

Delhi DCwellings

A residential street off Chandni Chowk


I was in India early last year, visiting family and on the last day of the trip, we made a trip to Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk.

We took a rickshaw that weaved its way through the impossibly narrow alleyways, miraculously avoiding contact with the busy heaving crowds. We whizzed past a myriad open shop fronts with cross-legged merchants. On glancing up, above eye level, I was struck by densely-matted cabling that passed overhead, presumably supplying electricity, internet, telephone connections and cable television to the hundreds of small residential flats above the shops.

Each rickety flat had its own individual construction and design and the miles and miles of cables took on a beautiful, dusty structure of their own.


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