‘Just Priceless’

via Daily Prompt: Priceless


A few ideas popped up in my head for this fantastic daily Word Prompt :

The moment I realise that I have just managed to capture an elusive moment on my camera.

‘Transparent’ – an Amazon original drama – ‘real’ characters and family stories, cinematically filmed, an evocative title track, and some insights into the spectrum of life experiences of transgender individuals. I am so excited that Season Four is coming out in a couple of weeks! The episodes have such great re-watchability value and I discover something new every time.

The look on a friend’s face when they receive an unexpected gift- I find that giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.

Punjabi Kadi with pakora – a unique, hot and tangy, yoghurt-based curry that is the first meal I dream of making when I have been away and relying on hotel food.

Mango Frangipane with crème fraiche – a rich, syrupy sponge pudding that I make when the occasion calls for a really satisfying dessert. The crème fraiche accompaniment provides a perfect contrast and no shop-bought sweet comes close.

Meeting Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba, and making him laugh when I said he should be sainted. Zumba has truly enabled people all round the world to express their inner joy in physical liberation. Latin music is increasingly topping the UK charts and you cannot help but feel good and want to move your body when you hear the beat.

(Continuing the name-dropping theme, sorry) bumping into Barry Gibb in a countryside car park, the day before we were due to go and see the Bee Gees perform live at Wembley Arena. I was thrilled to be able to tell him that we were coming to see him and his brothers perform, the very next day!

Getting dressed for a long-awaited party with my music blaring, a glass of wine to hand, the perfect outfit just hanging there above the to-die-for heels, and the false eyelashes sticking onto the right bit of my face, at the first attempt! Priceless. (Coming back after the party and seeing the scattered remnants around the bedroom and realising that dressing up had been the best part of the night-not so priceless.)

When someone reads my blog and they ‘get it’.



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