Windows, for the soul

Window 6
Looking in or looking out? Hydra Shop Windows
Window 9
Natural lighting in the open air lounge
Window 7
A cocktail bar to be seen in, whilst looking out
Window 1
A window under the walkway over the waterway
Window 3
Where are the beautiful people headed?
Window 4
A pre-wedding party!

In warm climates the window openings allow movement of light and air  in both directions and you feel at one with your wider environment.

On our first evening in Hydra, I decided to wear a crisp, all-white cotton outfit,  my favourite combination in the heat, and by chance, so did my companion. We walked leisurely, past others enjoying the evening. We got a few interested looks and I felt somewhat self-conscious, thinking that perhaps our outfits were eye-catching for the wrong reasons. Further along, I felt more relaxed as I saw that, indeed many people  were out and about, also wearing all-white.

We continued past the port and approached a sophisticated restaurant and  I noticed that there were increasing numbers of couples and families, all dressed in the same colour scheme. At the door to the restaurant were some young ladies checking off a guest list. They waited for us to approach and then they laughed with us, when they realised that we were just dressed in double-white through choice and not attending their party.

We laughed for longer, because let’s just say, if we had managed to get in, it wouldn’t have been the first wedding  we had ever gate-crashed!

The open ‘windows’ of the precariously perched restaurant gave a delightful view of the elegant celebrations, to all the curious passers-by.




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