Pedestrian street life


Men of the cloth, rest awhile
A roadside rest stop for the exhausted
Rishikesh 3
Ram Jhula, a foot-bridge over the River Ganges at Rishikesh
The Raft
The Lunch break, the Hiker and the White Water Rafters on the Holy River Ganges


Two young sadhus chatted cheerfully, as they took a chance to let their feet rest out of their sandals, at a railway station.

A young man, on first glance well-dressed, lay in a deep sleep by a busy roadside. It was his cracked and coated feet that told of a long, sobering hardship. I really hope good fortune smiled upon him after this.

Ram Jhula over the River Ganges at Rishikesh is a busy footbridge but motorbikes also speed over. When I was crossing I spotted an elderly lady who was suddenly pulled over, as her sari became caught up in the front wheel of one such motorbike. There was little interaction other than the lady yanking out her sari with a slight grimace and the motorcyclist speeding off in a fit of engine-revving.

I was surprised to see that companies offer white-water rafting down the Ganges. I only later noticed that I had captured one such raft in this photograph, as well as a hiker. At the top of the climb, a small-time businessman takes his lunch break, in sight of the passers-by.

Photographed in Northern India, 2016. 



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