Superficial Delights: Chilling in the Sun

Artwork in a Restaurant, showing Hydra Port

I was able to take out a few days (and also enjoy some superficial delights through indulgence in cocktails and food) on a couple of  islands set in the idyllic Saronic Gulf in Greece.

Travelling to the Islands

Piraeus, a busy shipping port on the Greek Mainland, an hour’s drive away from Athens Airport
Boarding the Catamaran at Piraeus
Passing the Island of Poros after a dropping off passengers.
Arriving on Hydra

It is fascinating that vehicles (other than waste lorries) are not allowed on Hydra, so the only form of transport are donkeys or hand-pulled carts as seen above. Most people just wheel their travel cases along the polished flagstones to their place of residence.

Food, Drink and a bit of Night-life

Cocktails at Papagalos: A ‘Sex on the Rocks’ and a Pina Colada
Simiako Shrimps: Prawns lightly dusted in a seasoned flour before being quickly fried
Hand-cut fresh potato fries and zucchini fritters
Smoked aubergine salad served with croutons and red peppers

I love the fresh, home-made style of Greek food. In wonderful Mediterranean tradition, the natural flavours of foods are subtly enhanced using fresh herbs and the use of  lemon, garlic and local olive oil. I adore aubergine salad and each restaurant has its own unique recipe and presentation, so it is always exciting to see what delicious creation will appear. Being a Brit, I am always keen on a good potato chip (fries), and my Indian roots mean that the zucchini (courgette) fritters, reminiscent of Indian pakoras are a treat.

The Sunset Restaurant
Views from the Sunset Restaurant as the sun starts to dip.

A couple of our meals were at the beautiful Sunset restaurant, which is a place for elegant dining in a fabulous setting. The service is excellent and the food really well-cooked and well-priced for the quality (my personal opinion). We enjoyed a delicious dish of cockles in the shell, in a slightly spicy and tangy soup. The crisp, fresh taste of the Moschifilero white wine was a great accompaniment to the seafood dishes.

Dessert by the harbour

A favourite ice cream parlour serving home-made ice cream was by the Catamaran drop off point. This three-scoop sundae treat had strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, topped with caramelised hazelnuts and melted chocolate sauce.

Papagalos: Serving the best cocktails on Hydra, in my humble opinion.
Papagalos is full of atmosphere and character
Upstairs in Papagalos is charming 

In the name of research, we went looking for the best cocktails in town and Papagalos won hands up. The cocktails were well-balanced, not too sweet nor bitter and quite artistically presented.

A Classic Margarita and a ‘Sex on the Rocks’!
The afternoon barman has his own style for the same two cocktails as shown above

Wonderful music is played from a professional mixing deck and is a combination of Jazz, Soul, Blues and New Funk. I asked the Papagalos barman, about the music selection and I was advised about DJ Labros who plays at Amalour, right through the summer. So on our last evening we found our way there.

Amalour, deceptively innocent in the day but by night is a buzzing place to hear good music and have a dance to the resident DJ’s excellent selection of classy sounds.

Amalour has a red-painted, cavern-like dance-floor and bar area which looks most inviting in the evening.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of  wining, dining and a little frivolity without which life could be quite dull.


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