Transformations around Lisbon



I took these photographs  during a recent trip to Lisbon and I hope that I (just about) meet the goal of this week’s photo challenge!


Lisbon 12
Street Art, Lisbon



The trip was most delightful and I was charmed by the city and the people of Lisbon- ‘Obrigada‘. The tiles seen above the picture above are also typical of Lisbon. This style of adorning the outside of buildings with patterned tiles apparently dates back to the Moors.


Lisbon 8

Graffiti is ubiquitous and transforms the surroundings with its passion and creativity.

Lisbon 4

This history of Lisbon is complex, as the cartoons above try to illuminate passers-by.

Lisbon 3
Renovation of the Monastery in Belem

Pasteis de Belem is a famous sweet pastry that I understand was originally made by the monks of Jeronimos Monastery.  We had some Pasteis de Belem, fresh out of the oven, and they were absolutely delicious-flaky pastry tarts filled with a delicious custard-they were gone before I could take a photograph.

Lisbon 13
An illusory  promenade in Cascais


Lisbon 9
Transposition in Sintra


Lisbon 7
A statue emerges,  in Santa Catarina
Lisbon 5
A Hen party celebrates imminent transformation to the married state


I hope you enjoyed some of these sights around Lisbon.






4 thoughts on “Transformations around Lisbon

    1. Thank you very much for your comment- you are right, I do enjoy exploring and capturing things off the beaten track. And funny you mention …La Gente…my favourite Latin track at the moment is Mi Gente!


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