She didn’t like having to put on the costume in the street. Macie had scurried  to swap places with Celia, who spotting her in the distance, had immediately starting pulling off the bits of the outfit and flinging them onto the green shopper in a hurry to get away for her overdue break. This parading in the street hadn’t been in the job description so how come she always ended up doing these things. And who’s stupid idea was it anyway?

Macie tried to adjust the ridiculous bustle that just wouldn’t sit right and made her look as if she had left the loo in a hurry and got her skirt caught in her knickers. There seemed to be no winning there. She was a skilled performer and had been thrilled to get a decent part in the city opera but handing out promotional leaflets to disinterested passing tourists, well that was never part of the plan. She gave up on the ridiculous bustle and weakly debated removing her woolly hat but in light of the frosty edge to the late morning air, she allowed herself the comfort of its warmth. The tourists wouldn’t notice, she told herself.



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