Faces in the crowd: Cool in Venice

Faces 14
Passers-by blur into the Venetian masks
Faces 7
The amazing-coloured outfit is worn by a man. It would have been rude to shoot from the front!
Faces 5
When you just click and can talk for hours and hours…
Faces 8
These guys are used to getting a ‘double-take’, every time.
Faces 15
… and these guys. This appears to be an interesting tradition on mainland Europe. We saw a similar sight in Stockholm last year, and I am told it is the student’s graduation from senior school.
Silhouettes at sunset on our arrival in Venice.
Faces 4
People just look cool in Venice-must be something in the air….
Faces 11
…even the community Police look cool…
Faces 12
…and the statues…
Faces 1
… know how to ‘work’ the seagull head gear!

A Face in the Crowd


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