Lottie always smiled like she was truly happy to see you and would call you ‘gorgeous,’ like you were the first person she had ever said that to. The one time she said it to me, made me blush from the inside out and I believed it for a moment.
Lottie seemed quite bouncy on first inspection but when she didn’t think anyone was looking she would be quiet and still, lost in some distant, sad thought. Her hair was usually twisted into a careless, dark, glossy topknot, her Victorian-pale face edged exquisitely by errant tendrils.

It must surely be the law for the children’s ward nurses to be beautiful. It certainly wasn’t the case on the Elderly Mentally Infirm Unit. Perhaps it was like dog owners, the longer you stayed in the company of individuals, the more you started to resemble them.

Lottie’s eyes were huge like a Disney princess and the same shade as her hair so there was the illusion that you were looking through her eyes and straight into her hair. It was disconcerting because whilst my eyes were defocussed at this illusion, it turned out Lottie was waiting for my answer.





10 thoughts on “Blush

      1. Oh wow! So does this course help? I was wondering if I could learn creative writing too. Currently I just write what I feel. No science to it☺
        Your first part hooked me completely. Great job!

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      2. I think it is a fantastic course, and it is free! I find it just opens one’s mind and approach to writing. I would really recommend it. Just google Future Learn then look for ‘Start Writing Fiction’-the course is running now and people are still joining-you just do as much or as little as you want.

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      3. …You would still be writing what you feel-and there is a whole range of students form around the world, from complete beginners to people who have been published. It’s a great way to learn from each other. Thanks for the compliment about the writing-I really appreciate it! 😀


    1. You are very welcome! I have done other courses on FutureLearn too- speaking Spanish, How to read a novel and many more! I should declare that I have no personal interest in recommending Future Learn (!!) other than to share the love of learning and communicating with wonderful people from around the world !


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