Trying out Intermittent Fasting

Lisbon 13
A promenade in Cascais.

I have never willingly fasted. Once a year I was made to fast for a Hindu festival and I used to dread it coming up and would then over-eat for days in the relief that I could.

Once I was in charge I knew I would never force myself to fast- it was too traumatic. The 5:2 intermittent fast (IF) came along and I was not interested.

I began to hear about the theory of IF and the results- longevity, new neuronal growth, well-being, general heath benefits and also weight loss and wondered if I was missing out on something substantial.

I then heard about the 16:8 and thought I could do it- delaying eating, whilst being allowed water and black tea etc seemed a doddle. It was quite straightforward and I lost a few pounds and also felt more productive and less pre-occupied by meals. I did the 16:8 for a couple of months and then heard about OMAD (One meal a day). There is much information on the benefits of incorporating OMAD into one’s IF regime. I have completed two 24 hour fasts. Day 1 was easier than day 2. I will persevere and plan to get accustomed to eating once a day and then have a mixed pattern of eating in the long run which is a mixture of OMAD and 16:2.

I am excited about the results people are getting and feel this is a new way of understanding how to eat in a way that our bodies evolved to do.


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