Mango Crumble Screenplay

  I imagined writing the story of 'Mango Crumble' for many years and last year I completed writing it as a feature-length film script. It is a coming of age story about a Punjabi-Indian girl who immigrates to Britain in the early 1970's. Last year, I was given the amazing opportunity to work with a … Continue reading Mango Crumble Screenplay


Serene Some gentle strains of music could be heard from a window above. It was appealing to step out of the Delhi hubbub and explore. The staircase wound around and led to a silhouetted wine bar. A group of lads sat sharing beers and banter. A couple sat in one corner quietly chatting, perhaps stolen moments together.  … Continue reading Serene


via Daily Prompt: Fragrance Fragrance has incredible power over us. It can trigger memories and take us straight back to a time and place, long forgotten. It can make us feel elated, attracted, attractive, sad or repulsed. It is a, not-so-silent, back drop to our daily life. A reader's  sense of smell can be evoked through writing, to take them … Continue reading Fragrance