Flower of the day

Bougainvillea brings me immense joy, whenever I catch sight of it, because it tells me that I must be abroad in a hot climate. I have seen it in Australia, India, Greece and Spain, amongst other countries, and its profuse, pink foliage is hard to miss. If there is a breeze, then the pink blooms … Continue reading Flower of the day


‘Just Priceless’

via Daily Prompt: Priceless A few ideas popped up in my head for this fantastic daily Word Prompt : The moment I realise that I have just managed to capture an elusive moment on my camera. 'Transparent' - an Amazon original drama - 'real' characters and family stories, cinematically filmed, an evocative title track, and … Continue reading ‘Just Priceless’

Continue the feel of summer with griddled fish

via Daily Prompt: Continue A quick and delicious way to cook fish with a summery, barbecued feel is griddled massalla fish. The griddle has to be thoroughly pre-heated on a low heat and I find that the best cooking oil for extra crispy and non-oily fish skin, is avocado oil. I have used coconut oil … Continue reading Continue the feel of summer with griddled fish

Old Delhi Flats and Cables: Structure

Structure I was in India early last year, visiting family and on the last day of the trip, we made a trip to Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk. We took a rickshaw that weaved its way through the impossibly narrow alleyways, miraculously avoiding contact with the busy heaving crowds. We whizzed past a myriad open … Continue reading Old Delhi Flats and Cables: Structure

A magical corner of the world

    via Photo Challenge: Corner Last year I received an exciting invitation to the wedding of a friend I had met in Greece, several years earlier. I had seen her every year since then, at the end of each summer, when we visited a favourite spot amongst the Dodecanese Islands. She spoke Spanish, Greek … Continue reading A magical corner of the world

Shiny…and not so much.

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!     (There seems to have been a glitch and my original writing accompanying the photograph has disappeared. I will try to re-write it from memory but it is not easy trying to recreate spontaneity.) Photographs used in iconic posters have made a lasting impression on me. We used to … Continue reading Shiny…and not so much.