Windows, for the soul

In warm climates the window openings allow movement of light and air  in both directions and you feel at one with your wider environment. On our first evening in Hydra, I decided to wear a crisp, all-white cotton outfit,  my favourite combination in the heat, and by chance, so did my companion. We walked leisurely, … Continue reading Windows, for the soul

Flower of the day

Bougainvillea brings me immense joy, whenever I catch sight of it, because it tells me that I must be abroad in a hot climate. I have seen it in Australia, India, Greece and Spain, amongst other countries, and its profuse, pink foliage is hard to miss. If there is a breeze, then the pink blooms … Continue reading Flower of the day

‘Just Priceless’

via Daily Prompt: Priceless A few ideas popped up in my head for this fantastic daily Word Prompt : The moment I realise that I have just managed to capture an elusive moment on my camera. 'Transparent' - an Amazon original drama - 'real' characters and family stories, cinematically filmed, an evocative title track, and … Continue reading ‘Just Priceless’

Continue the feel of summer with griddled fish

via Daily Prompt: Continue A quick and delicious way to cook fish with a summery, barbecued feel is griddled massalla fish. The griddle has to be thoroughly pre-heated on a low heat and I find that the best cooking oil for extra crispy and non-oily fish skin, is avocado oil. I have used coconut oil … Continue reading Continue the feel of summer with griddled fish

Old Delhi Flats and Cables: Structure

Structure I was in India early last year, visiting family and on the last day of the trip, we made a trip to Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk. We took a rickshaw that weaved its way through the impossibly narrow alleyways, miraculously avoiding contact with the busy heaving crowds. We whizzed past a myriad open … Continue reading Old Delhi Flats and Cables: Structure

A magical corner of the world

    via Photo Challenge: Corner Last year I received an exciting invitation to the wedding of a friend I had met in Greece, several years earlier. I had seen her every year since then, at the end of each summer, when we visited a favourite spot amongst the Dodecanese Islands. She spoke Spanish, Greek … Continue reading A magical corner of the world