James picked at the scab on the back of his hand. If he was careful he might peel it off in one piece leaving a faint, white line of scar tissue. The scab snapped, and he slammed his fist hard on the table. Give me a break, somebody. I shouldn’t have had those shots after … Continue reading Radiant


via Daily Prompt: Trance With the Daily Prompt, sometimes the suggested word floats around for a few days before landing on an idea. Sometimes I go with the first theme that pops up. Trance took me immediately to how I feel when I write. It is a journey in a time-machine of the mind, crossed … Continue reading Trance

A walk by the river

I was lucky and managed to fit in a walk by the Thames, in Berkshire, today. I captured some riverside shots and contrasting textures were everywhere. I particularly liked the heavy metalwork, all painted in exquisite cornflower blue. One could almost feel the domed rivets which were well out of reach. The mini-rhubarb crumble pudding … Continue reading A walk by the river